Ladder Frame Series
Ladder Frame Series

Before shipping , WUXI CHENYUAN CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD’sLadder Frame are packed with strong wooden case with waterproof cloth to avoid any damage.

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Item Description W H Finish
F220 Snap-On Box 2'X20" 2' 20' Powder Coated
F240 Snap-On Box 2'X40" 2' 40' Powder Coated
F320 Snap-On Box 3'X20" 3' 20' Powder Coated
F340 Snap-On Box 3'X40" 3' 40' Powder Coated
F520 Snap-On Box 5'X20" 5' 20' Powder Coated
F540 Snap-On Box 5'X40" 5' 40' Powder Coated
hundreds of colour can be chosen in pantone for powder coated finish
dimension,surface,material and style can be specified

1)Frame Scaffolds' geometric dimensions are standardized.
2)Reasonable structure,Good mechanical performance,Make full use of the strength of steel,high load capacity.
3)Easy to disassemble, erection of high efficiency, labor-saving and time-saving, safe and reliable, economical and applicable.
4)Surface Finish:Hot Dip Galvanized;Electro Galvanized;Spray painting.Dimension,material and style also can be specified .

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