HAKI Fence Series
HAKI Fence Series

From inquiry to clients’ usage of WUXI CHENYUAN CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD’shaki fence , we promise to offer you superior service .Please believe your choice . haki fence

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Item Description L Finish
RSHGF16 HAKI Fence1605mm 1605mm Hot-dip galvanized
RSHGF30 HAKI Fence3000mm 3000mm Hot-dip galvanized
dimension,surface,material and style can be specified

1)Haki scaffolding compared with ordinary traditional  scaffolding can save about 50% of labor costs.
2)Compared with other scaffolding systems,its parts is less,so the more convenient to take down and easy to transport,easy to manage.
3)Surface Finish:Hot Dip Galvanized;Electro Galvanized;Spray painting.Dimension,material and style also can be specified .

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